Awesome camp! Excellent instructors, great people and a well organised schedule! Great camps for making new friends and improving your Jiu Jitsu.



Great Coaches, great people! Really good organisation and location too.



Great vibes, great teachers, learned a lot and enjoyed even more



Hey guys! I took a couple of minutes to write a small review on my stay in Klagenfurt Intense BJJ Camp and I hope you enjoy. I took one of the last spots. Usually, I am not the seminar guy as I hate feeling burned out with technique overload. However, this event went totally different. The camp subjects were strictly written down in a camp guide and I must confess the main advanced stuff that I was looking for since I have been trying lots of single x guard entries and transitions lately. The class was split up in beginners and advanced, gi, and no gi. I tried both and was not disappointed. I really enjoyed the company of head coach Renato – an open minded guy who always seemed to have a fun story to share. Coach Martin did a great job breaking down the single x + q and a’s. We had 2 classes, each about 2 hours + sparring then lunch at the place – another 2 classes each 2 hours + sparring and dinner. All dinner locations were destined at different spots – food was delicious – especially the pizza was just ridiculously good. There was a morning class at 9 am either capoeira or gymnastic natural which I was planning to skip but still went to – turned out quite fun and is actually a good alternative warm up for Jiu Jitsu. I made it to almost every class and took every roll – afterward, I feel like my game improved a lot which is hands down not a big surprise when having at least 5 black belts on the mats looking out to correct the stupid shit you do. Can’t tell anything about the hotel since we slept on the mats – but many thanks for washing our gis though. Hoping to see you guys in Italy!