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July 22, 2019

We decided to write this article to explain our Culture to everyone at Sampa jiu jitsu, so everyone is at the same page including fitness students.
it is imperative to abide to our rules and culture in order to everyone have the best time here. It is also OK to change schools just because you believe our culture and rules to do not relate to the moral code, values and ethics you have or want for your child.

Jiu Jitsu/Judo is an art where a more elevated sense of behavior is appropriate.

Sampa Students should always use Jiu Jitsu/Judo/Martial arts to develop their body and mind through minimum effort and maximum efficiency with mutual respect to themselves and others.

The one who practices martial arts at Sampa, does not seek perfection to fight but fight to seek perfection.
A great student is the one who pursues intelligence, to comprehend what is taught, has patience to pass on what was taught to others, and faith to believe in what is not yet comprehended.

If you are thinking about being defeated, you have already lost.

To approach perfection, one needs to chase it with consistency, wisdom, and overall humility.

Learn everyday a little bit more and use it every day for the good is the way of a true men.

When one realizes with sadness that does not know enough, he has made the first step towards progression.

Never be proud of defeating an opponent, the one you just defeated today, can defeat you tomorrow.
The only victory that lasts is the one that one accomplishes over his own ignorance.

Practice Martial arts at Sampa is to teach the mind to think with speed and accuracy as well teach the body to obey it properly.
The Body is a weapon which its efficiency depends on the precision one uses his intelligence.

Sampa’s Moral Code: Politeness, Courage, Sincerity, Honor, Modesty, Respect, Self-Control, Friendship, Genuine knowledge, Indomitable Spirit.

Prof. Renato

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