Happiness comes through learning/growth and contribution.

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February 13, 2018

by Prof. Renato Migliaccio

I have been doing much studies, going to seminars and courses the last two years, to understand more about life and why I picked this profession and the true role a teacher must have in the character development of any student adult or child and I would risk to say on the influence we can do in a child’s family.

I truly believe that a martial arts teacher must be very successful and always seek to be the best human being they can possibly be. By training, studying, reading, investing so by his remarks people could be impressed and influence for the good.

A teacher must carry a very strong moral code and hard work ethics in order to make their students the same way and change the society.
I have been to many seminars and Courses, loved Tony Robins did all his courses with the exception of one, that I still will do.

Spent thousands of dollars but It truly changed my life and the way I see it and seek for success. By the way success is the process one has to go through to achieve a worthy goal. But success might not guarantee happiness.

Happiness comes through learning/growth and contribution.

This week I decided to put an old project in action.
I called a friend and scheduled an appointment with a former Judo teacher of mine that is now a city council.
I asked him for giving me the responsibility of being in charge of an elementary school, physical education process. I asked him to allow me to have access and use its facility to teach jiu jitsu/Judo for free for the kids of that community.

I presented my project my goals and dreams and the response was yes.
I will have the facility. We will hire a coach, We will pay his salary, We will buy and the mats and We will giving the proper training and We make it happen. We Sampa Jiu Jitsu.

As of now the coast per month is $250 per coach/per School.
The kids live in a place where monthly family live under $1 dollar a day.
The project is not only to teach jiu jitsu but one day arts, music, dance, teaching kids and their parents skills and jobs. But as of now the only starting tool we have is jiu jitsu.

I am very happy and fulfilled with just the idea of the challenge.
I am sure We can raise funds here in the states and in Brazil to sponsor other coaches and schools.
We will change many families. Brazil will be the first point but I want to grow it to poor areas in Los Angeles, Mexico e South America.

Hopefully this dream will come true.
Thanks for reading it and let me share this moment of extreme happiness.

Prof. Renato



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