Half Guard Old School Sweep 2.0

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May 12, 2017

The half guard, also known by its Portuguese name: meiaguarda, is a ground grappling position that is in the middle of a full guard & side control. It was greatly developed in the mid-1990s by an outstanding BJJ competitor Roberto “Gordo” Correa. He is the one who has revolutionized the half guard grappling position. Professor Gordo himself said that he didn’t invent the half guard; it was already there. The contribution he had made was to make half guard more offensive. He started developing attacks and sweeps from there so that’s why he is calling the major contribution he has made to the martial arts especially BJJ.

Professor Renato had the privilege to learn much half-guard techniques from Professor Gordo and Prof. Gordo was Professor Renato’s first instructor. Eventually, Professor Renato had to move out of town & he started learning half guard under the Master Ryan Gracie who has been recommended by Professor Gordo.

Nowadays, many people are doing half guard. It is actually the evolution of what was called old school half guard or the half guard that Professor Renato had learned from the Professor Gordo. And also, two guys named Bernardo Faria & Lucas Leite are doing great with their half guard game. Mr. Bernardo Faria is doing deep half guard, which is a very efficient & very straightforward game. One extraordinary thing about the deep half guard is that it can help you enter into it from a totally defensive position. Its very oriented to either sweep or take the opponent’s back from that situation. He also uses single leg half guard which is a solid wrestling technique. It can help you escape off the bottom position.

Professor Renato called this sweep the pigtail sweep. It seems like it is just the same technique, but Mr. Faria is actually developing great techniques from there. In addition, Professor Renato is studying some details on that. Actually, he is stealing this from Bernardo Faria & Lucas Leite.

This is like a mastermind. Many people are thinking together about BJJ. The different grips, details so that’s what is making Jiu-Jitsu develop. Also, Mr. Leite is the other person to whom we should blame for the development of the 2.0 half guard. Now, he is calling it “The Coyote Guard” & put in there a very, very smart detailed system.

Lastly, we are very thankful to our BJJ community for this masterminding or brainstorming like Bernardo Faria & Lucas Leite has done to half guard. Thanks to them for sharing with us their techniques which they have developed throughout their training and competitions.

Our Half Guard Old School 2.0 class will be a mix of the old school fundamental sweeps for the understanding of single leg; deep half guard & the coyote guard techniques. Students will be going to learn how they can use their body efficiently to control space, how they can apply pressure & move about at the same time, learn the different little movements to make an effective escape, how to lock a person in submissions with less effort.

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