Our Mission

To provide high quality BJJ Training with international instructors to improve your game; Our focus is BJJ & NoGi but we also support other marital arts like MMA, Self Defense, Wrestling, Judo or Kickboxing ….. and try to bring specialists to our BJJ intensive Camps. We are always looking for nice spots close to a sea or a lake where we can train and enjoy our free time. We do everything that you can have a great time with old & new friends – or your family if you want to bring them, they are all very welcome – and to spent as much time as possible with our passion – the Art of submitting people – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!


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Outstanding Camp! Great Atmosphere, great Coaches and an unbeatable price-performance ratio! Already looking forward to the next one.Vincent, Austria

It was great training with exceptional instructors. Im looking forward to the next camp. -Robert, CA

Absolutely outstanding camp….these guys are the real deal when it comes to teaching BJJ!!Warren, Austria

The camp was amazing, everything punctual and very well organised. The professors
we’re so warm and patient. I definitely recommend this.Viridiana, Austria.