Drilling Formula

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July 12, 2017

by Prof. Martin Guggi


  1. Learn and understand the technique you want to apply;

a.) in which positions can you use the same technique;

b.) how can you apply the technique NoGi?

c.) what are the principles behind the technique;


  1. Concentrate on the details;

a.) Which grip options do you have?

b.) What´s the right body position to apply pressure? How can you shift your weight?

c.) How can you control the distance?

d.).A technique is always good if you have more options! Where can you go to – transition, other submission, sweep ….

e.) Which move of my partner I have to stop at all costs?


  1. Incorporate movement in applying your technique!

a.) In the fight you are always moving. How can you move to set up this technique?

b.) Remember always your whole body is moving – legs, arms, posture!



  1. Stabilize your position!

a.) What are the key points to control the technique and stabilize the position?

b.) How can the partner starting countering your move?

c.) Posture? Base? Grip?


  1. Incorporate reactions of your partner in countering your technique!

a.) Which angles does your partner have to move?

b.) What can be done at the right time?

c.) How long can I apply the same technique? When to you have to switch to another move? When is the right timing for what? What do I have to do to keep applying my move?


  1. Start connecting techniques!

a.) Attacking the move can open up other doors as well;

b.) What to do against different opponents? Heavy? Long legs? Fast?

c.) z.B attacking a leg can help you to pass and not only attacking the leg…


  1. Work on using speed and pressure on the right spots; Changing speed and pressure all the time;

a.) What rhythm do this technique need? When is it good to change speed, power, weight.

b.) For some techniques you need to wait a moment and then keep going… whats the rhythm?

c.) Think about different drills how to train the following:



Reaction time,










  1. Start to incorporate your moves and his reactions in your gameplan!

a.) if you drill a technique and you are not trying to apply it then you waste your time!

b.) Which part of my game to I want to improve?

c.) How can this technique block fit into my gameplan?

d.) What´s the next step to improve if this move is part of my game?




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