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See you in Wagrain, AUT (March, 2019)

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So everyone is save back home at after our X. Bjj intensive Camp.

Thinking back of the Camp so many great moments come to my mind:
👍 Strangers became friends and i am really looking forward to see them again
👍Beeing part of a belt promotion, does not matter which belt, blue or black is really a special moment. So much work and time put into training pays off. Its amazing to see other people having success in live
👍 I do not care about people anymore who are only good a technical in Bjj. I love to spent my time with humble people, who are having fun in life and at the same time evolve as a person and as an athlete. I saw and had tough rolls this time where every single person gave the best they could to win and make the other one tap. Our effort is always more important than the result. We all have to make mistakes to grow.
👍The social evening on Saturday was my personal Highlight. People from England, Austria, USA, Brazil, Slovakia, Germany, and other places all sitting together enjoying some fights and sharing some words on the mats. No drinking but enjoying a beer with Bjj enthusiasts from another part of our world. 
👍We did not have the best weather this time but this does Not matter If you have a great time.

Thank you all for this great time and to share this moments with you.

Attached you find something pictures.

Looking forward seeing you soon on or off the mat.

Prof. Martin

Thanks to Gael Thouvenin for this great feedback of his experience at the the camp!

Back from X BJJ Intensive Camp organized by the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association, it is time to assess those crazy days.

Total traveling time: 21h30
Total time on site: 71h00
Total lessons time: 16h00 + 2h breathing seminar
Total training time : 20h45 + 2h breathing seminar

Lessons I attended to:
– Fifty-fifty guard by Professor Martn Guggi
This is pretty new stuff to me. Even though I knew of the position, didn’t really know what to do when in situation. I now have a better understanding of this very particular position. Was very very instructive and as professionnally given as ever.

– Single leg takedown counter by Professor Ma Rio
Even though it was a bit too crowded for me to really appreciate practising takedowns and counters (you gotta be reaaaaaally careful of the surroundings and can’t really focus on techniques), I have learned different ways to counter this very popular takedown. Will have to practice to see if it fits me better than the sumi-gaeshi I usually use.

– Triangle setups by professor Renato Migliaccio B
Some were very basic stuff, that are often practiced but as ever you can grasp one or two details that escaped you previously. There were also more complex setups that I had forgotten about. Really need to try all of those again and pick those that work for me.

– Halfguard passing by professor Bill Loftus
We saw three techniques on this lessons. Very simple stuff but I feel like they are more effective than what I used to use up until now. I remember every details that I could grasp, and we drilled them a few times already. Hope that this stuff will find its place into my game 

– Deep halfguard by professor Renato Migliaccio B
Always wanted to learn a bit more about this position I sometimes get in. I will have to work on this to understand better this position, its treats and its advantages but I have been provided with precious knowledge. Don’t know if I will use that much, but it is still an interesting part of the gentle art.

– More triangle setups by professor Renato Migliaccio B
This one class was though ! It started soooo early in the morning ! But waking up at six was worth ! We were a small group and we practiced the setups seen the day before, plus some others. Pretty much interesting stuff. At the end of the class, we were shown how to properly do a flying triangle. I feel like triangles are working well for me.

– Lapel chokes by professor Neil White 
By far one of my favourites lessons this year. I feel like the techniques I saw there are made for my game. Will sure practice them again and again and again to integrate them as well as I can. Lots of pressure and very effective chokes, leaving close to no chance to the opponent. What a blast !

– Breathing seminar by Scott Macdonald
Learned a bit about Wimhof Method. We used breathing techniques to get into mechanical meditation. Was a really interesting experience. Third time I went to a breathing seminar. However, while my previous experiences with breathing on a BJJ context were focusing on how to calm down under pressure using proper breath, this one was more focused on using breath for preparation and recovery, which, I think, is at least as important. Was impressed by the effectiveness. Will be sure to investigate more in those techniques, as I feel they can help me beeing more efficient in any situation I may come accross.

– Old School BJJ and submissions by Professor Renato Migliaccio B
I wasn’t sure which class I wanted to attend this time, because there were two other really interesting classes going on at the same time. I am convinced I made the right choice going to this one ! We were showed techniques that I knew of and that I practice a lot, and had the opportunity to ask for the few details that I was lacking and that make me sometimes miss to submit my partner, even though I have the upper hand. Also, I saw details that might have me try nami, gyaku and kata juji jime again, as they can be used more efficiently that I was taught to in judo.

We also had a very nice social event: we all gathered on the mats on saturday evening to watch BJJ & Grappling matches, discuss with each other and share beers. Overall it was a very good experience, and I deeply recommend it to anyone willing to meet nice people and to learn about jiu-jitsu.

So, what’s next ?

I eagerly want to partake in BJJ Intensive Camp in Italy in June 2019 to meet, train, spare and share jiu-jitsu moments with those guys again.

I will see a nose specialist, as I have the feeling that since approximatively a year ago, I have trouble breathing deeply. It feels as if my sinus were continuously partially obstructed. If I can get the best out of my breathing, I feel like I would have better efficiency training, so it is worth a check.

In June, I had started a diet combined with a bit of exercice and started to get back on shape. I lost around 6kgs in one month. Then I went to hollidays and never went back at it again. Now is a great time to get started again ! So will restart paying attention, avoid junk food and exercising, cause it feels great !

We are already working on Camp No11 and Camp No12. More infos coming soon…..