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VIII. BJJ intensive Camp

+ Instructor Course!!!


For the first time we are going to be in



17th – 19 th August 2018


Offering BJJ intensive Camps in Austria, Italy and California we decided now to host one of our upcoming camps in Germany/Munich at the Hans Hutton Academy! It does not matter which club or team you are from, everyone is more than welcome to be on the mats with us, our goal is to improve your personal game and to make politics on the mat. For this VIII. BJJ intensive Camp we work together with Prof. Hans Hutton and thats why his students are going to get a special price offer at the camp in Munich. But everybody else is welcome too!!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is growing all over the world. This allows all practioners to train wherever they go. The problem is that you have to decide which part of the Art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you want to improve at. Is it Selfdefense, Sport Jiu Jitsu, Nogi/LutaLivre, Grappling for MMA. When BJJ was founded they trained for all apsects but now BJJ has grown so much that for example Sport BJJ is totaly different than Grappling for MMA. This means you have to have specialists in all fields and that one insturctor cannot cover all aspects anymore. 

We are going to offer an Instructor Course on the 16th of August and then for 3 days our BJJ intensive Camp. Check out our last camps and you can see that we are running 2 classes at the same time. BJJ for Beginners, BJJ for Advanced Students, Grappling/Wrestling for MMA, Luta Livre/Nogi, Leglocks, Selfdenfse classes. If we have Professor or Coaches avalible we also could offer Judo, Woman only classes, Kickboxing or Conditoning. For more infos about the classes please check out the schedule which is going to be relased a few weeks before the camp.

On Saturday afternoon we are going to visit the Gäubodenfest in Straubing! We are going to rent a bus so you do not have to drive by yourself. 

Our Mission:
To provide high quality BJJ Training with international instructors to improve your game; Our focus is BJJ & NoGi but we also support other marital arts like MMA, Self Defense, Wrestling, Judo or Kickboxing ….. and try to bring specialists to our BJJ intensive Camps. We are always looking for nice spots close to a sea or a lake where we can train and enjoy our free time. We do everything that you can have a great time with old & new friends – or your family if you want to bring them, they are all very welcome – and to spent as much time as possible with our passion – the Art of submitting people – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!


  • Prof. Renato Migliaccio
  • Prof. Martin Guggi
  • Prof. Hans Hutton
  • Prof. Christian Dummer
  • Prof. Mario Hudelist
  • Prof. Peter Verovsek 


3 day Camp (17th – 19th August) with all classes, training, sparring, Q&A included:

Not included: Accomodation and food – you have to take care by yourself!

  Ealry bird price Regular Price
  until 30. Juli 2018 30. Juli. – 10. August 2018
Regular Student 250 Euro 300 Euro
Wing Revolution Student 200 Euro 250 Euro



Instructor Course on the 16th August – full day! leaded by Prof. Renato Migliaccio and Prof. Martin Guggi

Attention: The Instructor Instructor Course (16. August – full day)  is mandatory for any other course like Sales Courses or Marketing Courses!

per Person 175 Euro 210Euro





**There is an opportunities for attendees to sleep at Hans Hutton Academy where the camp will be held.

Hutton Academy
Hiltensbergerstr. 9
80798 München

Otherwise we recommend the Hostel Haus International:
Address: Elisabethstraße 87, 80797 München, Germany
Phone: +49 89 120060


Hutton Academy
Hiltensbergerstr. 9
80798 München

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