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Lignano/Udine – ITALY


10th – 13th of May 2018


We are going to be back in Lignano/Italy to host our second BJJ intensive Camp there. Same location right next to the sea and only 10 min waling distance to the center of lignano!

Training, accommodation, food, beach, sea, fun, open mats, drinks, restaurants all at the same area!!!


Following Instructors are confirmed for your 6th BJJ intensive Camp in Lignano, Italy.

Confirmed instructors:

  • Prof. Renato Migliaccio (Organizer) – BJJ, Wrestling, Business Class
  • Prof. Martin Guggi (Organizer) – BJJ, No Gi, Ginastica Natural
  • Prof. Mario Hudelist – BJJ, No Gi
  • Prof. Bill Loftus – Wrestling, MMA
  • Prof. Peter Verovsek – BJJ Gi
  • Prof. Olivier Kee-Seng
  • Prof. Bert Obernosterer – Leglocks
  • Prof. Hans Hutton – BJJ, Luta Livre
  • Prof. Marius Maisen – No Gi, Wrestling
  • Coach Liz Olbert – Woman classes
  • Coach Wolfang Michor – Judo, Physiotherapist
  • much for to come!

Two training sessions available per day! Minimum 6 hours + !!!

Scedule: Download Guide


1. Training – min. 5h+ a day – BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, No Gi, Ginastica Natural, Sparring….
– morning fitness and ginastica sessions on the beach
– all day access to indoor gymnastic hall

  1. Accommodation – 5 min walking to the water- right next to the beach
    – dorm rooms 3 – 5 people
    – daily room service
    – daily bed making
    – air condition
    – sheets and towels
    – Beach service (1umbrella and 2 deckchairs per room)
  2. Food – breakfast, lunch, dinner – we start on the 10 of May with dinner and on the 13 of May with lunch!!!
    – full board treatment with table service
    – 0.5l water during meals

Not included:
– Extra drinks (coffee, wine, beer….)
– Extra charge for single room – 
– Extra charge for double room – 
– insurance
– parking pass


Prices includes: Training, Accommodation, Food, Indoor Pool, Sauna:

  Breakfast only Full Board  
Early bird special – dorm room 340 Euro 380 Euros until 28. 2. 2018
Early bird special – double room 370 Euro 410 Euros until 28. 2. 2018
Early bird special – single room 440 Euros 480 Euros until 28. 2. 2018
Normal price – dorm room 390 Euro 430 Euros 1. March – 20. April. 2018
Normal price – double room 420 Euro 460 Euros  1. March – 20. April. 2018
Normal pirce – single room 490 Euro 530 Euros 1. March – 20. April. 2018
Visitors not training:      
Dorm room 200 Euro 230 Euro until 20. April 2018
Double room 230 Euro 260 Euro until 20. April 2018
  • If you do not want to stay at our Hotel but want to take part in your Training costs are 300 Euros – Training only. 
  • Please note, that we only have a certain, small number of double and single rooms available. First come, first serve!
  • If you paid already but cannot come we can sent you 100% of your payment back until 20. April 
  • If you paid already but cannot come after the 20. April 2018 we have to keep 200 Euros!
  • Last day to register is the 20. April 2018!

If you are interested please contact the organicers of the BJJ intensive Camps:

Contact: email@bjjintensivecamp.com

For your reservation we need:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Address
  4. Your belt rank
  5. Name of your team and head instructor
  6. Name of friends/partner/family you want to share the room
  7. What techniques, lections aso would you like to attend at the camp?
  8. please like our BJJ intensive Camp – Site on facebook, so that we have your name and can make a FB group during the camp. 
  9. please tell us your FB name!

MMag. Martin Guggi
IBAN: AT74 3938 4000 0004 3893


Training location:

29 Central Avenue,
33054 – Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)

The camp starts on Thursday at 5 pm with dinner and ends on Sunday at 12 pm with lunch. Please take care of your energy during the camp. You do not have to attend all classes. Take it easy at the open mat sparring classes. You can stop any time. Just make sure to have the right attitude on the mat. This is a camp and not a competition.

Most of your classes are separated in beginners and advanced classes. The basic classes are from white to blue belt. The advanced classes begin with the blue belt. This means the blue belts can choose which classes they want to take part!

For any other information please add your email below and phone number so we can contact you!