BJJ Intensive Camp & additional Blue Belt Curriculum

at Lake Wörthersee

October 31 – November 3, 2019
Cap Wörth/Austria

For the third time, we are going to host our BJJ Intensive Camp in Austria. The youth hostel is right next to Lake Wörthersee. 
Some impressions from the 2018 camp in Cap Wörth:


  •  3 classes going on at the same time 
    • one for Beginners with Kimono
    • one for Advanced with Kimono
    • one for Nogi/Wrestling/Leglocks all levels
  • + additional Blue belt curriculum – IBJJA approved – Extra cost 75 Euro – this will be an extra course going on in an extra room. We will try to find extra time frames for this Course, so it does not overlab with camp courses. 
    • for students – what do i need to know for my blue belt
    • and for instructors – how to teach
    • Handouts for all participants
    • taking part at this Course does not mean you get a blue belt at the end!!!!
  • 24h Access to the mats
  • Indoor pool
  • Sauna

Confirmed Instructors

  • Prof. Renato Migliaccio (host) (Glendora/California)
  • Prof. Martin Guggi (host) (Austria)
  • Prof. Hans Hutton (Munich, Germany)
  • Prof. Neil White (Doncaster, Great Britain)
  • Prof. Bill Loftus (New Jersey)
  • Prof. Richard Andrs (Prag, Tschechien)
  • Prof. Peter Verovsek (Laibach, Slovenia)
  • Coach Chris White (Doncaster, Great Britain)
  • Coach Julian Faszek (Dachau/Germany) 
  • Coach Wolfgang Michor ( Judo) (Austria)
  • more to come!


Here you can check or the schedule of the 14. BJJ intensive Camp + Blue Belt Curriculum!



5 h/day (or more…)

  • BJJ
  • Judo
  • Wrestling
  • No Gi
  • Ginastica Natural
  • Sparring …


  • International Black Belt coaches
  • 24 h FREE access to the gym for drilling, open mats or private lessons
  • gym is inside our youth hostel – Cap Wörth/Velden
  • separate room for drying your wet Kimonos or No Gi clothes 


  • Full board (first meal is dinner on October 31, last meal is lunch on November 3)
    • breakfast buffet
    • 3 course lunch and dinner
    • vegetarian food available 
  • Accommodation in dorm rooms (4-6 people) – we only have a very small number of double and single rooms – fist come first serve!!
    • all rooms with separate WC and shower 
  • Sauna
  • Indoor Swimming pool 
  • 15 min walking to Velden 

Not included

  • extra drinks (coffee, beer … )


    Full Board and Camp  
Early bird special – dorm room   380 Euros until 31. 8. 2019
Early bird special – double room   410 Euros until 31. 8. 2019
Early bird special – single room   480 Euros sold out
Normal price – dorm room   430 Euros 1. 9 – 20.10. 2019
Normal price – double room   460 Euros 1. 9 – 20.10. 2019
Normal pirce – single room   530 Euros sold out
additional Blue Belt Course    + 75 Euros additional costs 
Visitors not training:      
Dorm room   220 Euro until 20. 10. 2019
Double room   250 Euro until 20. 10.  2019
  • If you do not want to stay at our Hotel but want to take part in training costs are 230 Euros – Training only. 
  • Please note, that we only have a certain very small number of double and single rooms available. First come, first serve!
  • If you paid already but cannot come we can sent you 100% of your payment back until 20. October 2019.
  • If you paid already but cannot come after the 20 October 2019 we have to keep 200 Euros!
  • Last day to register is the 21. October 2019!


If you are interested please contact the organicers of the BJJ intensive Camps:


Training location:

Jugend und Familien Gästehaus Cap Wörth

Seecorso 39

9220 Velden am Wörthersee


We bring our own mats to the gym. The gym is in the Hotel. So we only have to walk the stairs down to train. 

Inside the youth hostel we have a private Swimming pool

For any other information please add your email below and phone number so we can contact you!

There are two options to pay:

  1. fill out online form below – there you get an answer with an IBAN on which you can transfer the money
  2.  follow this link for payments with Crédit Cards:

Date of Birth DD/MM/YYYY
Roomate Preferences (double or dorm room)