Camp X – Cap Wörth/Austria/1st – 4h Nov. 2018


+ Kids-Program Course

 in Cap Wörth am Wörthersee Austria

1st – 4th November 2018
Klagenfurt am Wörthersee/Carinthia/Austria



Our X. BJJ intensive Camp is going on from the 1st – 4h November in Cap Wörth in Klagenfurt. Next to the BJJ intensive Camp there is also our first Sales Course going on. After the success from our last camps we decided to make a next big step and offer more to all BJJler out there – so we offere the fist BJJ sales course open to every team or flag. No politics, just quality BJJ to improve and  have fun together!!!

At our BJJ intensive Camps we are going to run 3-4 classes at the same time! You can choose between BJJ Beginner classes, BJJ Advanced Classes, Nogi/Luta Livre Classes, Self Defense Classes, Women Classes, Judo and Wrestling classes. We always try to bring new instructors from all over the world to our camps so that you can learn from different sources. 


To take part at the Kidsprogramm our Instructor Course is mandatory! If you do not know who to run a perfect class then you do not have the foundation of our addional courses. The Kidsprogramm Course builds up to the Instructor Course. We are offering the Instructor course on the 16th August before our VIII. BJJ intensive Camp in Munich. 

At the Kidsprogramm Course we are going to focus on how to set up kidsclasses at your gym. How to get more kids! How to attract not only the kids but also their parents! What is the difference between teaching adults and kids? How to market kidsclasses? 

Our Mission:
To provide high quality BJJ Training with international instructors to improve your game; Our focus is BJJ & NoGi but we also support other marital arts like MMA, Self Defense, Wrestling, Judo or Kickboxing ….. and try to bring specialists to our BJJ intensive Camps. We are always looking for nice spots close to a sea or a lake where we can train and enjoy our free time. We do everything that you can have a great time with old & new friends – or your family if you want to bring them, they are all very welcome – and to spent as much time as possible with our passion – the Art of submitting people – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!

this is a rough schedule! the final schedule is going to be released 2 weeks before the camp!



















Following Instructors are goint to teaching at our 10th BJJ intensive Camp at the Wörthersee:

  • Prof. Renato Migliaccio – from California
  • Prof. Martin Guggi – from Austria
  • Prof. Hans Hutton – from Germany
  • Prof. Bill Loftus – from New Jersey
  • Prof. Marius Maissen – from Swiss
  • Prof. Mario Hudelist – from Austria
  • Prof. Neil White – from England
  • Prof. Neil Own – from England
  • Prof. Peter Verosek – from Slovenia
  • Coach Liz Olpert – Woman Classes – from Austria
  • Coach Wolfgang Michor – Judo Classes – from Austria

Prices includes: Training, Accommodation, Food, Indoor Pool:

  Breakfast only Full Board  
Early bird special – dorm room 340 Euro 380 Euros until 15. September 2018
Early bird special – double room 370 Euro 410 Euros until 15. September 2018
Early bird special – single room 440 Euros 480 Euros until 15. September 2018
Normal price – dorm room 390 Euro 430 Euros 16. September – 25. October. 2018
Normal price – double room 420 Euro 460 Euros 16. September – 25. October. 2018 
Normal pirce – single room 490 Euro 530 Euros 16. September – 25. October. 2018 
Visitors not training:      
Double room 200 Euro 220 Euro until 25. October 2018
Single room 240 Euro 270 Euro until 25. October 2018


Kids Programm Course  leaded by Prof. Renato Migliaccio and Prof. Martin Guggi!

Attention: Instructor Cousre is mandatory in advance!!! (next one is going on on the 16th August in Munich)

per Person 150 Euro 200 Euro



  • If you do not want to stay at our Yout Hostel but want to take part in your Training costs are 230 Euros – Training only. 
  • One day only is 85 Euros. 
  • Please note, that we only have a certain, small number of double and single rooms available. First come, first serve!
  • If you paid already but cannot come we can sent you 100% of your payment back until 25. October
  • If you paid already but cannot come after the 25. October 2018 we have to keep 200 Euros!
  • Last day to register is the 25. October 2018!


Signup will be available soon!

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