+ Instructor Course 

in Cap Wörth am Wörthersee Austria

26th – 29th of October 2017
Klagenfurt am Wörthersee/Carinthia/Austria


We are very happy to present you our fifth BJJ INTENSIVE CAMP in Klagenfurt/Austria.
Please find the first most important information on this site – about accommodation, food, instructors…
Right on the Wörthersee in Klagenfurt we could find a nice place for our next camp – with indoor swimming pool, sauna and close to Velden if you want to go out to eat and have good time.

Our V. BJJ intensive Camp is going to be from the 26. – 29. October in Cap Wörth in Klagenfurt. Next to the BJJ intensive Camp there will be our first Instructor Course going on as well. After the success from our last camps we decided to make a next big step and offer more to all BJJler out there.

So many of you asked about the BJJ and MMA Instructor Course and now we can offer you this course. I will be 6 units (9chapters) included all material (handbook), final exam and certification! 

This is a 6 units (9 chaptes) course designed to educate potential Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA instructors on how to teach martial arts and/or fitness and how to motivate and pump up their students. You do not learn and BJJ or MMA technique at this course but what it means to be an instructor. How to talk to students! How to teach and run a class! How to talk to students who create problems to you! and much more. 

It does not matter if you are a white, blue oder black belt – the course is for everybody who wants to learn more than techniques and can imagine himself teaching one day!

The course costs 169 Euro extra – you only have to pay 50 Euro in advanced the rest you can pay at the camp. 

Course language: English!

Course speakers: Prof. Renato Migliaccio 

                                Prof. Martin Guggi


Our Mission:
To provide high quality BJJ Training with international instructors to improve your game; Our focus is BJJ & NoGi but we also support other marital arts like MMA, Self Defense, Wrestling, Judo or Kickboxing ….. and try to bring specialists to our BJJ intensive Camps. We are always looking for nice spots close to a sea or a lake where we can train and enjoy our free time. We do everything that you can have a great time with old & new friends – or your family if you want to bring them, they are all very welcome – and to spent as much time as possible with our passion – the Art of submitting people – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!


















Following Instructors are confirmed for your 5th BJJ intensive Camp at the Wörthersee:
• Prof. Renato Migliaccio (Organizer) – BJJ, Wrestling, Business Class
• Prof. Martin Guggi (Organizer) – BJJ, No Gi, Ginastica Natural
• Prof. Hans Hutton – BJJ, Luta Livre
• Prof. Mario Hudelist – BJJ, No Gi
• Prof. Marius Maisen – No Gi, Wrestling
• Coach Wolfang Michor – Judo, Physiotherapist

Not confirmed yet:
• Nathan Basseto – BJJ, Gi and No Gi
• Bert Obernosterer – No Gi und Luta Livre
• Rick Hunley – BJJ, Wrestling
????? more to come …

Prices includes: Training, Accommodation, Food, Indoor Pool, Sauna:

Normal price – dorm room 375 Euros 16. Sept – 10. Oct. 2017
Normal price – double room 399 Euros 16. Sept – 10. Oct. 2017
Normal pirce – single room 425 Euros 16. Sept – 10. Oct. 2017

People who want to stay at home or somewhere else but train and eat with us at the Youth Hostel  – 300 Euro (incl. Training, food – but no accomodation)

+ Instructor Course 169 Euro (50 Euro deposit – pay the rest at the camp!)

Visitors not training (family, friends or partner):
Dorm room 225 Euro 
Double room 250 Euro 

• Please note, that we only have a certain, small number of double and single rooms available. First come, first serve!
• If you paid already but cannot come we can sent you 100% of your payment back until 10th October.
• If you paid already but cannot come after the 10th October we have to keep 200 Euros!
• Last day to register is the 10th October 2017!

Included in the price:

1. Training
– min. 5h+ a day for BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, No Gi, Ginastica Natural, Selfe Defense, Kickboxing, MMA, Sparring….
– all day access to indoor gymnastic hall for drilling, sparring and stretching
2. Accommodation
– doorm rooms people, a few single and double rooms are available!
– Indoor pool, sauna

3. Food
– breakfast, lunch, dinner – we start on the 26 of October with dinner and end on the 29 of October with lunch!!!

Not included:
– Extra drinks (coffee, wine, beer….)

4. Instructor course – costs extra – 169 Euros

Training location:

Seecorso 39
9220 Velden am Wörthersee

Our house
This youth and family guest house Cap Wörth with its 300 beds is located directly on nd offers everything for a relaxing and fun-filled holiday Guaranteed: on-site beach, sports facilities, lawns, playground, park, forest, etc. In half an hours distance to skiing and mountain climbing areas in Italy, Slovenia and Austria. Our year-round operation is ideal for vacation, recreation, summer and winter sports and for holding seminars and training courses. All floors are accessible by elevator.

The rooms are mostly equipped with shower, entrance hall and WC. Two-room units are also equipped for wheelchair users. In the basement and on the ground floor, our guests find an internet cafe, a club-pub, a games room and a gym and several multifunctional rooms and seminar rooms and a parlor for a surcharge. A large lounge with theater stages infrastructure rounds off the diverse range frame. In the three floors, there is one common room with satellite TV. Wi-Fi connection is available to our guests free of charge. Ball court, soccer field, volleyball court, sun terrace are at your disposal. Special “highlight” is the spacious indoor pool.

Food and Drink
Our hotel offers a rich breakfast buffet and by appointment also three popular lunch and dinner menus. When traveling, we offer depending on hunger big or small packed lunches. Drinks, hot and cold snacks and small hot dishes, ice cream and coffee are always available. We also offer own seminar foods on request. Our entire youth and family guest house is a “smoke free zone”, smoking is only allowed outdoors. Please let us know in 2 weeks before if you have any special diet – vegan, glutenfree or anyhing else and we are happy to cook for you. 

In and around the house
Family room, living room, wheelchair accessible rooms, bus parking, TV room, lawn, head room, seminar rooms, parking, cable TV, Wi-Fi, gym, sauna, banquet hall, indoor swimming pool, elevator in the house, table tennis, sports field, public bathing.

Our region
Promenade, casino, movie set. That you know of Velden and thats not all. The town has a long history as a resort and spa, and of course offers much more … The cozy relaxing holiday in Velden is nothing in the way, because away from the village center there are countless hiking trails, dreamy lakes and golf courses in a class.

The camp starts on Thursday at around 5 pm with dinner and ends on Sunday at 12 pm with lunch. – Schedule is coming soon!

Please take care of your energy during the camp. You do not have to attend all classes. Take it easy at the open mat sparring classes. You can stop any time. Just make sure to have the right attitude on the mat. This is a camp and not a competition.
Most of your classes are separated in beginners and advanced classes. We run 3 classes at the same time – basic class, advanced class and one special class for MMA/NoGi/Selfdefense/Kickboxing. The basic classes are from white to blue belt. The advanced classes begin with the blue belt. This means the blue belts can choose which classes they want to take part! We are going to have special classes for MMA, Kickboxing and Self Defense.

For any other information please check our HP!


If you are interested please contact the organicers of the BJJ intensive Camps:

Contact: email@bjjintensivecamp.com

For your reservation we need:
1. Full name
2. Date of birth
3. Address
4. Your belt rank
5. Name of your team and head instructor
6. Name of friends/partner/family you want to share the room
7. What techniques, lections aso would you like to attend at the camp?

8. Do you want to take part at the instructor course as well? (169 euro extra)

9. Special diet? (vegan/gluten free)

MMag. Martin Guggi
IBAN: AT74 3938 4000 0004 3893


Check the video about our last BJJ intensive Camp in Italy!